GAP Insurance – a new restricted certificate

Since 2001, the Alberta Insurance Council (“AIC”) has issued restricted insurance agent licenses to prescribed businesses that authorize them to sell certain types of insurance. From time to time the Government of Alberta, through regulation, has expanded the list of businesses that are eligible to apply for this restricted form of license.

While the Government determines the types of businesses that are entitled to apply for these licenses, the General Insurance Council (“GIC”) and Life Insurance Council (“LIC”) have the delegated authority to determine the types of insurance that can be sold under the restricted license and the conditions under which these products are marketed and sold.

Expedited Non-resident Adjuster Licensing Protocol

Due to Wildfires in Northern Alberta, AIC Implementing Expedited Non-resident Adjuster Licensing Protocol

Alberta legislation requires that all independent adjusters must hold a valid adjuster’s certificate of authority in order to act as an adjuster in the Province of Alberta. There are no provisions in the legislation to allow for the issuance of a “temporary” certificate during situations involving storms, flooding or other disasters. Only staff adjusters who are employees of insurance companies are exempt from licensing in Alberta.

Is your Home Insurance Up to Date?

Homeowners need to regularly check and update their home insurance policies or risk having insufficient coverage when disaster strikes, insurance experts say. The need to review and update a policy is especially important for those who have done renovations because changes to the property could render the policy void if the insurer hasn’t been informed. Home insurance isn’t regulated like auto insurance, so it’s important when comparing prices to also compare the coverage that’s being offered because it may vary from company to company.

Ongoing Education Requirements For Alberta

The requirements for resident and non-resident agents and adjusters varies depending on the home jurisdiction of the non-resident agent or adjuster. Resident Agents and Adjusters: Life and Accident & Sickness insurance agents, General insurance agents and Adjusters who hold a certificate of authority must obtain 15 hours of continuing education credits as a condition of renewing their certificate of authority.


Effective immediately, the AIC’s turn-around time commitment for completed and paid license applications and transfers received online will be a response within 3 business days. Faxed and emailed applications will no longer be accepted.  You must submit online or via...
New Year’s resolutions: how to make the most of your money in 2016

New Year’s resolutions: how to make the most of your money in 2016

If you don’t have a budget, then financial planners want you to add another thing to your list of new year’s resolutions. Credit counsellor Pamela George says budgeting is important no matter what your income. “I think it is even more important for a bigger salary to have a budget because you need to account for it and you need to understand that $200,000 can finish as fast as $12,000,” said George, who works for the Credit Counselling Society in Ottawa.

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