About Us

Infotrends Canada is an online continuing education company in its 28th year of serving and meeting the education needs of the Canadian financial services industry.

Infotrends Canada was founded by Rudleigh MacLean, BA, MA, BPE, MA, BEd, an adult education professional, author, former professor, and creator of our first courses, to meet the professional continuing education requirements of corporate Canada and the financial services industry.

Mr. MacLean recognized early the phenomenal potential of using the internet for delivery of courses. It provided time-convenience for the independent agent and cost-savings to insurance companies in their training programs.

Achieving success as Canada’s largest online provider of Continuing Education for the financial services industry was Rudleigh’s dream come true. Unfortunately Mr. MacLean passed away in May 2005, after a short battle with cancer, but his dream continues.

Expert and knowledgeable staff in all areas of development, customer service, technology management, and future planning, ensure that the continuing education provided meets the needs of the 21st century knowledge workplace.

Infotrends holds one overriding objective and vision:

“To provide up-to-date online education courses and online seminars reflecting the new knowledge workplace’s needs, in the area of professional continuing educational requirements”.

Who should enroll in Infotrends Canada training programs?

  • Anyone in the financial services industry who must meet the annual continuing education hours of professional development
  • Corporate and financial management personnel wishing to effectively understand and practically apply the management skills in the “knowledge workplace”, in maximizing workers’ productivity and the company’s profit margins
  • New financial services agents studying for any of the required licenses as set out by the respective financial regulatory bodies.

What are the value-added elements of Infotrends Canada that set it apart from other training companies?

  • Each of our training programs quickly involves maximum student/client participation in practically applying the learning concepts to their work place
  • Focused upon “systems-approach” learning
  • Our training programs were rewritten to meet the specific requirements and needs of the 21st century’s knowledge workplace
  • Infotrends Canada training programs can be “tailored” to meet specific and individual needs/requirements of the corporate and financial services industries
  • Created by seasoned professionals in that respective field of study
  • Clients/Students will evaluate themselves throughout each training program through writing multiple-choice tests

Note: All our training programs are offered over the Internet for those wishing to meet and fulfill their Continuing Education requirements.

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