Due to Wildfires in Northern Alberta, AIC Implementing Expedited Non-resident Adjuster Licensing Protocol

Alberta legislation requires that all independent adjusters must hold a valid adjuster’s certificate of authority in order to act as an adjuster in the Province of Alberta. There are no provisions in the legislation to allow for the issuance of a “temporary” certificate during situations involving storms, flooding or other disasters. Only staff adjusters who are employees of insurance companies are exempt from licensing in Alberta.

The Alberta Insurance Council (“Council”) has put a protocol of procedures in place to expedite the issuance of adjusters’ certificates of authority to non-residents applying as a result of a storm, flooding or other disasters in Alberta.

In circumstances where the Insurance Adjusters’ Council considers it beneficial and necessary to utilize this protocol, Council will exercise the processes described in the document. Council will process properly completed applications on the following basis:

  • without the original non-resident endorsement if the applicant holds a valid adjuster’s certificate in their resident jurisdiction where the Council can confirm their licensing status on the web site of their resident licensing authority;
  • without the criminal record check on the assurance that a criminal record check will be provided within 60 days of the issuance of the certificate.

The application process is an on-line process that requires the applicant to:

  1. obtain a CIPR number,
  2. logon to the AIC web site and apply on-line, and
  3. have the Designated Representative approve and submit the on-line application to the Council for processing. A fee payment must be included.

In order for the Council to assess an applicant’s eligibility to qualify for an Alberta Level 2 or 3 Adjuster’s certificate, we require a transcript from the Insurance Institute of Canada of the courses the applicant completed. In addition we must receive proof that the applicant holds an Associate, Fellow, CIP or FCIP designation as well as a short one-page summary detailing the applicant’s adjusting experience. If you are unable to provide this information at the time of application, the Council will issue a certificate as a Level 1 adjuster in order to expedite the issuance of the certificate. An application to upgrade a certificate at a later date may be made upon submission of the appropriate documentation and a $25 upgrade fee.

If you have any questions, please contact Sylvia Boyetchko, Director of Licensing at 1-780-421-4148.

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