We have collected all the common questions that we have received, and, hopefully, yours will be answered here. If this does not satisfy your particular question, or you need further clarification, please contact us.

How do I access my course material?

  1. Enter your Username and Password, then click login
  2. Click on “My Courses”
  3. Click on “List Courses You Are Authorized to Take”
  4. Click on the title of the course to Launch course

How do I purchase an additional course?

  1. Enter your Username and Password then click login
  2. Click on Catalog
  3. Select Course from list by clicking on the Shopping Cart image
  4. Click Proceed to check out and follow the purchase process

Do I receive a certificate?

Upon successful completion of your course, there will be a certificate that you can print by pressing file then print. Please note: Unless requested by your Insurance Council, DO NOT send copies of your CE certificates to your insurance council, unless specifically asked to do so by the council.

How do I view my course certificate?

  1. Enter your username and password then click login
  2. Click on Student Services
  3. Click on Course Certificates
  4. Select the course Certificate you would like to view
  5. Click View Certificate

Is there a test, and if so, how do I take it?

All our CE courses require successful completion of an online test. Passing grade is 60%, and you may retake the test, at no extra charge, until your subscription has expired. Tests are in the format of Multiple Choice Questions and Answers.

How many hours of material is 1 credit worth?

1 Credit Hour is equal to 1 hour.

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