General Insurance CE

You now have over 200 hours of General Insurance CE credit courses to choose from. Receive your General Insurance CE credit hours by taking any one of our hundreds of online courses.


Here you will find courses dealing with:

  • Personal and Commercial Lines
  • Automobile
  • Professional/Management/Personal Skills

Fulfill your continuing education requirements through a subscription for just $185.00. Or, you can purchase individual courses.

Infotrends’ online courses are ideal for:

  • Anyone in financial services who must meet the industry’s annual continuing education hours of professional development
  • Corporate and financial management personnel wishing to effectively understand and practically apply the management skills in the knowledge workplace, in maximizing workers’ productivity and the company’s profit margins
  • New financial services agents studying for any of the required ‘licenses’ as set out by the respective financial regulatory bodies (Infotrends ‘synopsized’ version of the licensing courses are clear, concise, and coherent; they are also delivered in either a 2 or 3-day Workshop framework that meets the work-time “time” needs of financial professionals.)


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